Application of High Frequency Welder
From industrial products to consumer products, High frequency Welder can be used for processing in various fields. Toys / Raincoats/Clothes / Bags / Footwear / Stationery / Interior Articles
Medical Equipment / Electric Parts / Interior Materials for Automobiles
Plastic Materials for Agriculture / Housing Materials and their related articles, etc..

High Frequency Welder
High frequency applied technology method is for welding and joining materials by generating internal heat in welding materials utilizing high frequency dielectric exothermic effect.

Functions of High Frequency Welder
It mainly performs the welding and joining of polyvinyl or polyolefin films, sheets, leathers, hard plates, and others.

Usable for polyolefin sheets type Usable for polyolefin sheets type
Automatic Two-stage Sliding System.
KV-3000TRP KV-5000TUP (5kW)

Automatic Horizontal Sliding Two-stage Pressurized System.
KHD-8000 (8kW)

Electromagnetic Induction Welder
Indirectly melts plastics by selectively heating only metallic and magnetic bodies in the welding materials. Threfore, neither deformation nor deterioration due to heat occurs to plastic products.

Functions of Electromagnetic Induction Welder
Welding, sealing and metal-inserting processes for each thermoplastic molded product are made easily and efficiently.
It is effectively made to process large word pieces, sealing and screw press fit articles that are hard to process by other methods.

Application of Electromagnetic Induction Welder
From industrial articles to consumer articles, Electromagnetic Induction Welder can be used for processing in various fields.
Home electronics
Speakers for Audio Products, etc.
Miscellaneous goods
Fishing Tools, Trays, Lunch Boxes, etc.
Oil Tanks, etc.
Tubes, Cups, Bottles (plastic, glass), etc.
Desktop Type suitable everywhere.
UHT-502 (500W)
Inverter Typed High Power Machine.
Effective for large molded products.
UH-10K / P151M (10kW)

High Frequency Power Supply Unit
Electric Oscillator for high frequency discharge and high frequency heating.

Application of High Frequency Power Supply Unit
Mainly used for the following processing works.
Plasma production, Spattering, Etching, Ion-plating, etc.
Freezing, drying, and heating frozen foods, etc.

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